In view of materializing the social, cultural and educational up liftment of the society, the Jamia Salafiya Pharmacy College is committed to set a tradition of facilitating fresh academic experience and advanced research in pharmaceutical science. The fraternity of Jamia Salafiya Pharmacy College keeps up its dynamic spirit to cater the diverse socio-educational needs of the society and development of scientific temper among individuals in terms of health and medicine. The college significantly contributes to revolutionize the pharmaceutical studies that maintain the physical and mental health of the society.

The institution's pre-eminence in pharmaceutical science and research offers innovative initiatives to focus on people's individual life locally and globally along with patient-centred health care. Dedicated faculty and promising students together make a rich resource to the college that achieve the aim ultimately. The Jamia Salafiya Pharmacy College team is striving to improve academic, infrastructural amenities at its best and I hope the college will be recognized as one of the best institutions at national level.

Sri. K. M. Mohammed Siddique


Jamia Salafiya Educational Association