Rules and Regulations

Students enrolled at Jamia Salafiya Pharmacy College must recognize their responsibilities towards the faculty, office staff and fellow students. The students should abide by the following rules and regulations


  • Students should be inside the classroom five minutes before the commencement of the classes.
  • The medium of communication with the faculty and among the students must be English.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the dress code while on the campus and should be neat and tidy.
  • Boys should wear formal trousers with a formal belt and shirt should be properly tucked in. Black socks and shoes (formal shoe only) are compulsory.
  • Girls should wear black formal shoes with black socks.
  • Strict disciplinary actions will be taken against those students who violate the dress code.
  • Students are restricted from bringing their vehicles inside the campus.
  • Students shall avoid using any insulting, inciting, threatening language when talking with fellow students and should abstain themselves from violence.
  • Students shall not talk or act in any manner outside the institution in a way that would bring disrepute to the college.
  • The students shall be regular and punctual in attending classes and all activities connected with the college.
  • Students are prohibited damaging the building or any other property of the college in any way.
  • No meeting/function of any kind shall be held in the college premises without the written permission of the Principal.
  • No notice of any kind shall be circulated among students or displayed on blackboards or on notice board or college walls without the written permission of the Principal.
  • Students must help keep the institute neat and clean and also preserve and maintain the greeneries. Eatables/beverages are not allowed inside the study areas including laboratory, library etc.
  • Students must conserve electricity and water. They must switch off lights & fans when they leave the classroom, laboratories etc.


  • The library is open to all the students, faculty and staff members.
  • Readers are not allowed to enter the library with their personal belongings.
  • Readers are prohibited from engaging in any activity which may disturb or distract the attention of other readers and will result in disciplinary action.
  • No reader shall write upon, damage or make marks on any library book. A book will be lent to a reader only in exchange for one of his/her tickets which will be returned to the reader when he/she returns the book.
  • Date label and book pockets shall not be tampered with.
  • Library tickets are not transferable. A reader who misses a ticket shall follow the stipulated process to get another ticket.
  • At the end of each academic year the student should return all books to the library.
  • Dictionaries and books which might be difficult to replace and such other books declared as Reference Books shall not be loaned.


  • Inmates of the hostels should strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the hostels.
  • The Warden / Deputy warden shall act as the local guardian of the inmates of the hostel.
  • No student is permitted to leave the hostel without the consent of parents and without permission from the warden.
  • While going outside the hostel premises, the inmates should maintain discipline and their behaviour and conduct should be impeccable so as to keep up the honour and prestige of the college. If there is any complaint against any of the inmates regarding his / her misbehaviour, severe disciplinary action will be taken, which may even lead to expulsion from the hostel or college.
  • Inmates are not permitted to organize any picnic or pleasure trip without the permission of the principal. No unauthorized meetings or activities are permitted in the premises of the hostels. Any such meeting or activity will be viewed seriously.
  • Guests/day scholars are not allowed to stay in the hostels without the permission of the principal. Action will be taken against the inmates if any guest/day scholar is found in the rooms.
  • Rooms shall be kept neat and tidy. The inmates are responsible for the care of the furniture and fittings in their respective rooms. For loss or damage to hostel property, the inmates will be penalized and the cost will be recovered from them.
  • The study hours will be from 07.00 P.M. to 08.00 P.M. and from 08.45 P.M. to 09.45 P.M. During study hours visiting other rooms should be avoided.